Volunteer to help at this year’s festival

Like all CAMRA festivals, the Oxford Beer & Cider Festival is conceived, planned, organised, publicised, built, staffed, and taken down by volunteers. The usual dedicated members of Oxford CAMRA have done the planning and organising and now we need help with the actual festival itself.

We need volunteers to carry all the beer and equipment into the Town Hall (there are lifts and trolleys) and build the stillage on Wednesday 23rd; put the bars together and get everything tidy on Thursday 24th before we open at 5pm; serve beer and cider Thursday evening, Friday 25th and Saturday 26th; take down the Thursday/Friday stillage on Saturday morning; and take the rest down and tidy up on Sunday morning.

Everyone who does this says it is a lot of fun. It is very satisfying to work as a team and see the festival take shape on Wednesday and Thursday whilst serving beer to happy customers when we open has it’s own reward.

Helpers get food and drink tokens, and a festival T shirt, maybe even in your size. If you have not done it before it’s not difficult and you will be given any help and instruction you feel you need. If you want to volunteer have a look at the attached form and notes and then send the top sheet back to me:  staffing@oxford.camra.org.uk

Oxford BF Staffing Form 2019